Your Skin



Fun Fact about our Skin

  •  Did you know that the largest organ of our body is our skin! It can weigh as much as a full shopping bag of food which I carry inside the house for my mom.
  •  My skin weighs about 10 pounds and my dad’s skin  weighs about 20 pounds.
  •  There are 3 awesome layers to the skin: 1. epidermis (top layer-that’s what you see),2. dermis(middle layer) and 3.subcutaneous tissue (bottom layer).
  •  When your playing sports and become hot, your skin spurts out water to cool you off, subhanAllah. This water is sweat.
  • When you itch your skin, it means your pain muscles are reacting to something but you don’t know what that is just yet.
  •  Your skin is like a suite of armor that protects you from germs and bacteria, alhumdulillah.
  •  Every day you loose about 1 million skin cells! But don’t worry because you have about another 2 trillion left 🙂

Take care of your skin because its what will protect you!

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