Become a “Green Sunnah Kid”

green sunnahOur wonderful teacher, the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) loves us and cares for us. We are his ummah (nation, people). When the Prophet was asked by Allah(swt) during many occasions in his life, – ‘What request do have that I may grant you?’

Just imagine you had a wish that would be granted. What would you ask for? I’ll be honest, I would ask for something for myself. But, do you know what our Prophet (pbuh) asked for? He thought of you and he thought of me. He worried about all of us. He cried for us, his ummah. And he said,  “Oh Allah, my ummah , my ummah (ya ummati, ya ummati).” 

SubhanAllah. He really does love us. So, when I think about this, I want to be just like the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) because he is caring and loving and giving. No wonder Allah (swt) loves him more than anyone else. The Prophet (pbuh) may not be with us but his Sunnah is. 

What are Sunnahs?

Sunnahs are all the acts that the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) did when he was here on earth. There are many beautiful Sunnahs. But today, I want to talk about one sunnah he followed. How much he cared for the environment. The world we live in is a huge blessing. Allah (swt) has blessed us with water in the rivers, fishes in the sea and plants on the land. Our Lord has provided us with everything we need to live a comfortable life. He (swt) has entrusted us to take care of it. But, when I look around I see a lot of waste and pollution and this make me very sad because I know that Allah(swt) would not be happy. We need to appreciate these gifts (blessings) and take care of them. Are we taking care of the earth? Not really.

My family and I have decided to put together a list of what we can do to be better stewards of our land. We have made an intention to become “GREEN SUNNAH KIDS.” Do you want to know how?

10 Simple Step to be a “Green Sunnah Kid”:

    1.We use clothe/fabric towels instead of paper towels to clean our hands and kitchen area.

     2. We plant a tree/ flower or vegetables in our backyard or in a plant pot Plants help clean our air and if you have veggies growing in your backyard, your mom is less likely to drive to the grocery store and will use less gasoline!

    3. We use recycled material to make fun craft projects-

You can set up an empty box in your garage and place the following items inside:

  • empty, washed milk containers
  • plastic water bottles/ juice bottles
  • egg containers
  • empty, washed food jars
  • cereal boxes
  • toilet paper roll
  • paper bags
  • used, washed straws
  • any workable material that would otherwise end up in a landfill (yarn, old clothes, broken toys, etc)

We at Creative Muslim Kid are working diligently on some craft projects right now and will write an article including pictures soon for all of you to see! Please look out for it.

4. We encourage our mom/dad to purchase and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. You can go one step further and make your own cleaning products. We’ve done it and will post an article on how to so soon inshaAllah ! 

5.We try to be more conscious in turning off the tap water when we’re not using it or allowing less water to flow out of the tap when using it. This can be done in the following times:

  • when brushing your teeth
  • when performing wudu
  • when washing the dishes
  • when taking a shower

6. A few times a week we eat a meal with our family in a – “Sunnah Way”. What’s a sunnah way? Instead of using many plates, forks and spoons, we use one big dish and sit around it on the floor around and enjoy it with our right hand. This can be accomplished well with finger foods best. I love eating the sunnah way. The meal taste more delicious this way, alhumdulilah. The Prophet (pbuh) loved eating with others and it’s sunnah to eat with your right hand. So, say bismillah and enjoy! 


7. We recycle our toys and books. Once a year we get together with our friends and have a “Toys/books trade”. Everyone brings their unwanted books and toys and swaps them with each other. It’s really fun getting new toys/books for almost nothing!

8. We start a compost bin. After every meal, there is quite a bit of food scraps which ends up in the trash and eventually in the landfill. This can be changed just by composting all your scraps. It’s super easy and you can do it yourself!

Watch the following video to learn how to compost easily-  Compost Kids 

9. We have banned styrofoam plates and cups from our home. 

Styrofoam does not decompose easily. It actually takes more than 5,000 years. Take a look at the following list to see the life spam of your litter:

  • Aluminum Can  200-500 years
  • Cardboard Box- 4 weeks 
  • Cigarette Butt up to 10 years 
  • Cotton Rag- 1-5 months 
  • Disposable Diapers- 500-600 years  years 
  • Milk Cartons (plastic coated) 5 years 
  • Nylon Fabric- 30-40 years 
  • Orange Peel- 2-5 weeks
  • Paper-2-5 months 
  • Plastic Bag- up to 500 years 
  • Plastic Soda Bottles- Forever   
  • Styrofoam- More than 5,000 years

10. We turn off lights and T.V. when not in use.Try being more aware of the lights in the room when and if you really don’t need them. Just turn them off. Sunlight is free and way better and brighter than a lightbulb. So, next time you want to read your book sit next to the window sill instead of turning on the light.

We, at Creative Muslim Kid have made the intention to help take care of our earth, inshaAllah. And when you make an intention, Allah(swt) gives you the reward of actually doing it. He also helps you accomplish your goal because you have taken the first step to please Him and He loves that. Come join us in on the fun and let us know how it turns out. Write to us at

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